A place to control paid subscriptions

Paymentpie provides solutions for monitoring paid subscriptions, control and coordinate recurring spending across all your organization. Use Paymentpie to understand how money flows out of your organization while establishing better recurring spend practices.

Bank-level security. Learn more
Control, track and report your company's subscriptions

All of your subscriptions in one place

Every month, our bank accounts and credit cards are paying out for subscriptions such as Microsoft Office, Slack or QuickBooks. We pay recurring bills like T-Mobile, Comcast or utilities.
Get best deals
Paymentpie will notify you if you can pay less. You will be able to get new best offers from your favorite service providers or even their competitors.
Cancel Hidden Charges
Are you sure you only pay for desirable subscriptions and never forgot to cancel a trial period of any services? Promptly find out about all of your charges and cancel unwanted.
Save Money
Save money, take control of all your payment methods, manage subscriptions, get better deals or cancel unexpected bills or unwanted services.

How it works

Stop paying for services that you do not use anymore and take control.
Find your subscriptions
After you have registered, Paymentpie syncs all of your accounts and will find all of your paid subscriptions and recurring bills.
Track and manage
Paymentpie will notify you of any of your payments or changes made. You'll be able to cancel unwanted services or get better offers.


Paymentpie integrated with the leading financial institutions and the service providers. We strive to provide our customers with reliable and secure services, tools for savings and spendings optimization, to ensure interaction with suppliers and timely delivery of the best deals for your business.

Trust & Security

The safety and security of your account are essential to everything we do.
From registration to managing your payments and subscriptions, our secure protocols, features and services help keep you safe. We are aware that security is a critical element of all of our efforts and investments in the company and the joint future with our customers and partners.
Security Protocol
Paymentpie uses the highly secure, bank-grade 256-bit SSL encryption protocol with a secure key management system and we will never share or sell your personalized data.
Our cloud infrastructure is ISO 27001, PCI DSS Level 1 and HIPAA compliant. We do not store any credit card information and use a PCI DSS provider to process payments.
Paymentpie meets or exceeds national and international security standards, including strict security policies and practices that set the standard for world-class information security.
Build a responsible team
Teach accountants, managers and coordinate costs across all your organization. Assign responsible managers for subscriptions and recurring payments in each department and project. Get feedback and purpose of each paid subscription to optimize costs and save money
Manage your paid services with a single click
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