Empowering for CFOs and Accountants to Take Control of
Operational Costs and Increase Revenues

  • Get a complete picture of recurring payments and paid subscriptions across your organization
  • Get the best deals from you service providers and their competitors
  • Find and cancel unwanted services your company does not use anymore or forgotten trial subscriptions
  • Promptly be notified about all overcharges and new subscriptions
  • Manage all bank accounts, paid subscriptions and recurring payments in one place

Find Hidden Payments and Unwanted Subscriptions

  • Connect all of your bank accounts and find out for what exactly you are paying
  • Say goodbye to forgotten paid subscriptions and hidden payments
  • Get a whole picture of the recurring spendings, all providers that serve your organization and cancel unwanted services

Track and Control Recurring Payments

  • All of your subscriptions in one place
  • Monitor overcharges and new subscriptions
  • Create team and control expenses of all departments
  • Control all payment methods

Save Money

  • Get new deals and cancel unwanted services
  • Be aware of new prices of your service providers
  • Explore the offers of competitors of your suppliers
  • Optimize costs for the multiple teams

Build a Responsible Team

  • Teach accountants, managers and coordinate costs across all your organization
  • Assign responsible managers for subscriptions and recurring payments in each department and project
  • Get feedback and purpose of each paid subscription to optimize costs and save money